Partnership with MembersPortal

Partnership Announcement

Sharing a common goal to help sports organisations setup and administer themselves quickly and easily has led the Members Portal and Physical Education Scotland to announce a new partnership.

Our mission is to ensure that the young people in Primary and secondary schools have access to the recommended amount of physical Activity recommended by the Scottish Government as well as being able to take part in various extra curricular activities. We do this through engaging with local schools and clubs to ensure that physical activity is at the forefront of pupils education and that staff, pupils and parents/carers understand the benefits of being active. We also work tirelessly to ensure that coaches have access to the right training to aid there development and ensure that coaches can deliver the highest quality coaching possible within clubs and communities.
Physical Education Scotland

We welcome all new and existing Physical Education organisations to set up their organisation through our site, where benefits include:

  • Free Member registration form provided by Physical Education Scotland
  • Free Event registration form provided by Physical Education Scotland
  • Setup of standard club membership types to get your club up and running quickly
  • Free tier account, no monthly fees, no setup charges
  • All other Members Portal features as standard

Further information on Members Portal features and prices can be found on our main site.

For further details on other aspects of club setup, training courses and resources, please visit the


Physical Education Scotland website.


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