Sean Picton Doherty (Glasgow 2014 Table Tennis Athlete)

"I believe Physical Education is crucial to facilitate, improve and maintain the well-being of the population. Not only does physical activity and exercise have clear benefits for health and fitness, but there are also proven benefits for mental health and social inclusion. In addition, PE and sport lays the foundation for those who dream of a career in performance sport. I am pleased to support Physical Education Scotland in their work to improve sport and get more young people more active, more often within Scottish communities".

Emily Dudgeon (Glasgow 2014 Athletics Athlete)

"Sport is an essential part of the health and well-being of young people, it provides opportunities to develop social skills, gain qualifications and have fun. Sports coaches are in a unique position to be able to influence and develop young people, as well as setting them up for a life in sport. It is for this reason that I am supporting Physical Education Scotland in their work developing sport and providing training to clubs and coaches."

Ross Murdoch (Rio 2016 Olympian, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Champion)

"I feel that sport and physical activity has many physical and mental benefits. It allows people of all ages to keep in shape as well as helping as a stress buster! I use swimming to help me get through the daily stresses of my life, which means I can get my head in the right place in order to lead the healthiest life possible. I`m proud to be working alongside Physical Education Scotland to make Scotland a healthier place"

Dr Andrew Murray (Physical Activity Expert, University Of Edinburgh)

"Physical Education is a key part of influencing population health, Physical Education provides a strong foundation for young people to build the basis of their movement skills as well as other sport specific characteristics. With an ever increasing importance being placed on PE and sport its crucial that those involved in sport are aware of the responsibilities placed on them as educators. I am pleased to support Physical Education Scotland in their work to improve PE and sport as well as getting more young people, more active, more often within Scottish communities"

Michael Kerr (GB Wheelchair Rugby Athlete)

"Sport and physical activity play an important role in everyday life, it is important young people realise the benefits that are associated with being physically active. With a number of high-profile sports events happening soon, including GoldCoast2018 just round the corner, it is important that we continue to build on the legacy of sport from previous events to inspire the next generation of athletes to reach their goals. I`m proud to support Physical Education Scotland in supporting the quality Delivery of Sport and Physical Activity in Scottish Communities."

Mark Beaumont (Broadcaster, bike Rider and Adventurer)

"Physical activity provides a platform for people of all ages to try new sports and experience the benefits. It is important that we use events like Rio2016 and Gold Coast 2018 to inspire more young people into sport. Physical Education Scotland provides these opportunities for people to get involved in sport and gain qualifications in a range of sport related subjects, something I am passionate about and keen to support."

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